Licensed Naturopathic Doctor: Online Support for Women in Perimenopause and Menopause

I help women over 40 master their metabolism, so they can reclaim their body, mind and mojo.

Sleep well


Rediscover your energy

Feel like yourself again

Ready to feel like YOU again?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? If so, you’re in the right place

You’re used to feeling on-task, driven, and organized. But now you’re forgetting things, plagued with brain fog, or find it difficult to think clearly.

You’re lacking in energy. You have trouble sleeping, wake during the night, or don’t feel rested in the morning. You crave caffeine and sugar to help you through the afternoons.

Sometimes you feel irritable or anxious for no reason. You’re prone to mood swings. Yes, you’re busy with work – and life! – but nothing has really changed. You just don’t cope with stress like you used to.

And perhaps you’re gaining weight, or have fallen out of love with the way you look. You want to feel good about yourself again and have the energy to do all the things you want to do.

You’re not alone

Women in their 40s and 50s go through huge hormonal changes that affect their physical and mental health. Sometimes these symptoms are combined with other health conditions such as weight gain and gut problems, or mental health issues such as anxiety.

Add to that the pressures you cope with every day – a demanding job, an energetic family, caring for others – plus all the things you want to achieve for yourself… It’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Reclaim your body, mind, and zest for life!

You don’t want another quick-fix solution, a supplement that treats one symptom, or a fad diet that isn’t sustainable long-term.

You need a bespoke plan for health and wellness that’s grounded in science and addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms. A plan that will work for you now AND set you up for the future.

Take charge of your hormones and enjoy how you look and feel

Get your energy back

Sleep through the night, wake feeling energized, perform at your best at home and work.

Boost your metabolism

Feel better in your clothes, love your body, and enjoy your food, without feeling restricted about what you can eat or overwhelmed by unsustainable diet plans.

Improve your mood

Feel positive, happy and balanced. Reclaim your excitement about your life and your future.

You are unique. That’s why you need an expert solution that’s uniquely designed for you.

My holistic approach to menopause and perimenopause includes:


Evidence-based bespoke plan

No more overwhelm, or trying to follow generalized advice for women of your age. Your plan, grounded in the principles of holistic medicine, is created specifically to address what’s happening in your body, and fit into your life.

b3lineicon|b3icon-head-idea||Head Idea

Understand the “why” behind the plan

You won’t only be clear about what you need to do, you’ll also understand the reason behind every step. Because when you know exactly what to do and why, you’ll be even more motivated to take action. 
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Continued support

I’m here for questions, support and accountability throughout our engagement and after we’ve got your plan into action. I’ll be your expert partner so you can get to the bottom of what’s going on with your health and keep up the momentum implementing your plan.

Hi, I’m Dr. Amanda Tracy

I speak to women every day who are struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

They tell me they don’t feel like themselves any more. They’re struggling to get through the work day. They’ve lost their motivation. Plus, they feel guilty because they’re easily triggered, snapping at their partners and kids.

They aren’t enjoying life like they used to. They just want to feel like themselves again.

I chose to specialize in Naturopathic Medicine because I’ve seen how effective a holistic approach is for optimizing health and nutrition. Plus, I want to spend time with my patients, so I really get to know them and can create a plan that gets to the root causes of their health issues, and treats the whole person.

The women I work with are highly invested in their health care and want to partner with a doctor who is equally motivated.

They don’t want a restrictive diet plan that’s unsustainable long-term, or nutritional supplements that only treat part of the problem.

They want a licensed medical doctor who has time to listen to them and provide personalized, consistent care that’s not only natural and holistic but also backed by scientific evidence.

I am honored, as a naturopathic physician, to be able to offer this type of care in my practice.

And I’m so pleased geography doesn’t have to be a barrier as the power of the Internet means my patients have access to a licensed naturopathic doctor from wherever they are through virtual appointments!

Read more about my health story ⤵


Before I met Dr. Tracy, I was thinking about doing a hysterectomy to completely remove my uterus and ovaries because I couldn’t bear the discomfort that I have been feeling for a long time. Dr. Tracy helped me discover the cause of why I have been feeling low energy, fatigued, irritable and helped get my sleep back. For many months, I have only slept less than 5 hours a night. After she prescribed the proper supplements, diet, exercise and meditation practices, I started feeling myself again. 


A Big Thank You for being part of my healing journey. I do wish that our paths had crossed sooner but I’m glad that we met.

Terrie, age 39 
Terrie, age 39

Words can’t begin to express my deepest gratitude for all she has done for me! She always goes above and beyond for me and I am beyond grateful and would not be where I am now without her care.

Christina, age 43 
Christina, age 43

I’m happy to report that the small dietary changes have served to ease my symptoms already. Adding hemp seeds, maca, and being conscious of evening meal routine seemed to have supported an overall boost in energy and feelings of being normal.

EP, age 46 
EP, age 46

It genuinely feels so awesome to work with a doctor that takes the care and time to explain so many different things to me.

Casey D. 
Casey D.

Work with Me

Hormones In Harmony Jumpstart Program

A supportive, holistic, evidence-based 1:1 program to help women balance their hormones and get their life back.

Whole Body Harmony VIP 1:1 Program

A concierge-level, holistic, evidence-based 1:1 program to address symptoms of hormone imbalance plus health concerns such as high blood pressure, gut issues, and anxiety.

Self-paced & Group Programs

SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle by diving straight into our self-paced program or get the program plus accountability and support in our group Hormones in Harmony Bootcamp.

What is it costing you, NOT to be addressing the root causes of your problem?

Disturbed nights, low-energy afternoons, always feeling exhausted?

Mood swings, easily triggered, guilt from snapping at loved-ones?

Memory lapses, brain fog, inability to think clearly?

When you have an evidence-based plan for vibrant, lasting, optimal health, you’ll…

Get all the sleep you need to wake rested and full of energy.

Experience a better and balanced mood, and be less prone to triggers.

Feel like yourself again, able to enjoy your family, work and social life.


I started working with Dr Tracy back in 2017 primarily for stage 4 endometriosis. I have since seen Dr Tracy for anxiety issues, PMS and a holistic (balanced) approach to detoxifying yeast. I was truly lost before meeting Dr Tracy and had spent so much time and energy trying to feel better. One thing I am beyond grateful for was her sensitivity and intuitive sense knowing I had a history of bulimia and other eating disorders. Many practitioners are not in tune with this and can actually cause more damage. Not only does she have a beautiful way of delivering suggestions and an ease about her when explaining a protocol, they actually work. If you’re struggling with an overall chronic condition and don’t know which way to turn, I would highly recommend Dr Tracy’s gracious, knowledgeable way of treating her patients. At this point, I truly consider her my “primary care” doctor.


I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for all the advice you gave my last fall/ winter. With my thyroid numbers being so high and my hyperthyroid being out of control, I thought it was going to be a long hard battle. However, following your advice ( still to the day!!) my numbers corrected by January, and we have decreased my dosage every other month. My endo is a little confused by my progress, and called yesterday to tell me to stop taking my medication ( after only 9 months!) We will see how the next 6 weeks go and if I am truly in remission. Although I am sure the medication played a role, more than that, I believe the natural solutions you provided for me is the main factor. So I just wanted to write to say thank you so so much! Also thank you for giving me the nudge I needed to go from vegetarian to vegan. I feel so good and love this lifestyle. My husband has even started eating plant based meals at dinner ( I don’t do any of the fake meats or such. all plants) !

So thank you thank you!! You’re very knowledgeable and great at your job. =)

Vicky, 53 yo 
Vicky, 53 yo

I first became a patient of Dr. Tracy when I was experiencing the symptoms of Menopause.

I did not want to take traditional or bio-identical hormones due to the risks associated with both of these medications. She recommended herbal supplements and I did exceptionally well on these supplements and almost all of my menopausal symptoms were eliminated. Secondly, on an annual basis, I have Dr.Tracy review and adjust my supplement regimen according to my health needs at that point in time. Thirdly, if I have a medical concern that my traditional physician would like to treat with medication I make an appointment with Dr. Tracy immediately to have her review the diagnosis and recommend a holistic alternative. She is exceptionally professional and knowledgeable! She has helped me so much with my health. I have recommended her to many of my friends and family.

Cheryl, age 56 
Cheryl, age 56

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Tracy. After years of struggling with hormone imbalances and working with various health care providers… I am so grateful I found Dr. Tracy. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her integrative approach allowed me to achieve regular periods after suffering from amenorrhea and irregular cycles during my late 20s and 30s.

She always provides a safe and supportive space to share concerns.

Dr. Tracy is always very patient and very thorough. She listens to everything and has a great holistic approach to care always with the big picture in mind so as to address all that is going on and how it is all connected to each other.

I have really enjoyed our time together as you have taught me so much and I have never had anyone in the medical arena that I have trusted so much for advice and direction. You are a gifted and talented practitioner and I feel like you have become a trusted friend. You will flourish and thrive wherever you go and in whatever you decide you want it to be.

Grace, age 56 
Grace, age 56

I’ve been feeling really good lately. I feel like a cloud has been lifted from over my head. Mentally I’m feeling good, my mind feels sharper and weirdly enough I haven’t had to take any allergy medicine despite some of the worst pollen I’ve ever seen. Also, my period came today so it looks like almost exactly a month since my last one.

No matter how awful I feel, I always feel better after we meet. You make things so much easier to understand and, for me, it’s half the battle really. So thank you again, for being you! You’re amazing!

Nancy, age 56 
Nancy, age 56

Virtual, online appointments with a naturopathic doctor

How it works


Let's chat!

We’ll talk through your symptoms and lifestyle and figure out the best program to address your health concerns, either 1:1 coaching, self-paced or a group program.


We’ll create a customized plan

If you opt for a 1:1 program, we’ll start with hormone testing (and other tests if necessary) and a virtual naturopathic consultation to get to the bottom of your symptoms and lifestyle, and then we’ll create a personalized plan.

If you opt for a self-paced or group program, you’ll get everything you need to take your next step.


Implementation, support, and review

All services come with built-in support, so you’ll take action with your naturopathic treatment plan knowing exactly what to do, why, and how to ask for help if you need it.

As you make progress, we’ll review your plan and tweak as necessary until you’re well on your way to feeling like yourself again.


Download My Grocery Guide for Hormone Health ⤵

Balance your Hormones with Food and Feel Like Yourself Again

My Grocery Guide for Hormone Health will help you:

  • Stop feeling bloated after meals
  • Prevent unnecessary weight gain
  • Avoid the confusion about what to eat and
  • Streamline your grocery shopping to save you time, energy and money!


  • The best foods to manage your hormones
  • The easiest ways to add these foods into your diet right now
  • Quick and Simple Recipes that anyone can do – no experience or fancy equipment necessary

Ready to feel like YOU again?

Let’s work together to get you back!

Feel balanced, renewed, energized, and empowered. Live the life you deserve.