Dr. Amanda Tracy, ND

Welcome! I’m Dr. Tracy, a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women’s health

I’ve been a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) since 2005. For 15 years, I helped build an award-winning wellness center in Massachusetts. In 2021, I relocated to Northern California wine country and transitioned my practice online to serve women from New England to California and everywhere in between.

My unique experience and passion flourishes working with women who feel their bodies are in chaos because of changing hormone levels, sleep issues, stress or anxiety.

I understand where my patients are at, struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalance while trying to cope with the demands of their busy lives, because I’ve been exactly where they are.

My Hormone Story

In my teens and 20s, I was plagued with irregular periods. I saw medical doctors, had blood tests and ultrasounds – to no avail. I was continually told, “Everything looks normal”.

Naturally, when I specialized in naturopathic medicine, female hormones and menstrual cycles were of personal interest. I created a regimen using natural therapies, herbal medicine and nutrition to support my hormones but it wasn’t until I fully embraced a 100% plant based diet, got serious about stress management, and made sleep a priority in my life, that I was able to have regular, monthly periods in my 30s and 40s.

On the eve of my 40th birthday, I was driving home from my office late at night. I was excited because my boyfriend, Joe, was taking me on a surprise trip for my birthday but I was also exhausted. I remember thinking, “When we get back from this trip I am going to plan a sabbatical. I need a break”.

Alas, this thought was too late.

Following the trip, I became ill with months of recurrent infections, hair loss, and insomnia. Eventually my regular monthly cycle I had worked so hard to achieve started to get wonky too.

This experience of “burnout” was a wake up call that forced me to re-evaluate my lifestyle, work-life balance, and my nutrition and supplement regimen.

Knowing the close relationships between stress, insomnia and my hormones, I dove deeper into the causes of stress and how to manage my triggers daily.

Although this was a really difficult time in my life, this exploration led to me not only healing myself, but also creating the medical practice I have today.

Patients come to me feeling like their bodies and minds are in chaos due to hormonal transitions, menopausal symptoms, and the constant stresses of life.

Often they’ve already seen their doctor or gynecologist, but aren’t finding answers in conventional medicine.

They tell me they just don’t feel like themselves and have a range of symptoms such as night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, brain fog, insomnia, vaginal dryness, and low libido.

They may have read books about menopause, researched functional medicine, integrative medicine and/ or hormone therapy, and are continually being targeted with information online, but they can’t possibly make the 101 changes that are being suggested!

Sometimes they’re also struggling with other health concerns such as chronic disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, gut issues or mental health problems. Add hormone imbalance into the mix and it’s no wonder they’re feeling overwhelmed.
They want a doctor who is qualified to understand the science behind what’s happening in their body, and can distill the information into a plan that will work for their specific needs.
They need a naturopathic physician they can trust, who understands what they’re going through, and is available to support them as they launch their plan into action.

By taking a holistic approach to health, we turn around my patients’ nutrition, sleep, energy, and mood so they rediscover what it feels like to be at their best.

The greatest gift for me is when patients say they feel like themselves again.

They’re performing at work, loving the time they spend with their family, taking up new hobbies, enjoying an active social life, and still have energy left over for ME-time!

What nourishes my soul

  • Long walks on the beach – I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with a family beach house in Gloucester, MA and visit the sea whenever I can in California.
  • Plant Based Cookbooks and trying new recipes – I’ve never met a cookbook I could say “no” to!
  • Yoga and Dance – I began dancing at age 4 and started yoga in 1998 while at Boston College. I began ballroom dancing with Joe in 2022.
  • Spending time with family and friends – While sharing a plant based meal at the beach, of course!

Licenses & Education

  • California License #ND 1178, 2020-present
  • Massachusetts License #ND5001, 2023-present
  • Vermont License #099-0000188, 2005-2020
  • North American Menopause Society, Member 2024
  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Member 2003-present
  • Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors, Member 2005-2021
  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (ND), Bastyr University, 2005
  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, Boston College, 1999

If you’re struggling to make sense of what’s going on with your health, there’s no need to soldier on alone.

What is it costing you right now not to have the energy, fitness and motivation to enjoy optimal health and be at your best?

I’ve been where you are, and so have hundreds of women I’ve treated in my practice.

Let’s chat and figure out your best next steps to take control of your health, rather than allowing your hormones to control you.

My holistic approach to menopause and perimenopause includes:


Evidence-based bespoke plan

No more overwhelm, or trying to follow generalized advice for women of your age. Your plan, grounded in the principles of holistic medicine, is created specifically to address what’s happening in your body, and fit into your life.

b3lineicon|b3icon-head-idea||Head Idea

Understand the “why” behind the plan

You won’t only be clear about what you need to do, you’ll also understand the reason behind every step. Because when you know exactly what to do and why, you’ll be even more motivated to take action. 

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Continued support

I’m here for questions, support and accountability throughout our engagement and after we’ve got your plan into action. I’ll be your expert partner so you can get to the bottom of what’s going on with your health and keep up the momentum implementing your plan.


Before I met Dr. Tracy, I was thinking about doing a hysterectomy to completely remove my uterus and ovaries because I couldn’t bear the discomfort that I have been feeling for a long time. Dr. Tracy helped me discover the cause of why I have been feeling low energy, fatigued, irritable and helped get my sleep back. For many months, I have only slept less than 5 hours a night. After she prescribed the proper supplements, diet, exercise and meditation practices, I started feeling myself again. 


Dr. Tracy has been like an angel to me, helping me turn my health around with the cleanse diet last year. I am down 15 lbs and have kept that off give or take a lb or two that I easily lose.

Jenn, 51 yo 
Jenn, 51 yo

Dr. Tracy has been a godsend to me all these years – I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through them without her expert care.

Brenda, 60 yo 
Brenda, 60 yo

Dr Tracy not only takes the time to explain the why and how of many things that my primary care does not, but also supports and instructs me on how I can work toward optimal health and wellness.
Dr. Tracy listened to my concerns, provided helpful tips while we waited for my test results. After my test results, she gave me options to start and explained it wasn’t an overnight fix. I appreciated her calm and inviting nature, perfect for me who can be high strung.

Danielle, 42 yo 
Danielle, 42 yo

Dr. Tracey has provided Me with such insight to control and balance what my body is enduring. Being very active and fit is my lifestyle and having things happen to your body out of your control is extremely frustrating. Seeing her 3 years ago has helped me to manage it and get me on the right path to feeling better and allowing my body to get back to normal. I appreciate her knowledge, professional expertise and have referred many others to her as she has been such a big help for me.

Kristie, 47 yo 
Kristie, 47 yo

Virtual, online appointments with a naturopathic doctor

How it works


Let's chat!

We’ll talk through your symptoms and lifestyle and figure out the best program to address your health concerns, either 1:1 coaching, self-paced or a group program.


We’ll create a customized plan

If you opt for a 1:1 program, we’ll start with hormone testing (and other tests if necessary) and a virtual naturopathic consultation to get to the bottom of your symptoms and lifestyle, and then we’ll create a personalized plan.

If you opt for a self-paced or group program, you’ll get everything you need to take your next step


Implementation, support, and review

All services come with built-in support, so you’ll take action with your naturopathic treatment plan knowing exactly what to do, why, and how to ask for help if you need it.

As you make progress, we’ll review your plan and tweak as necessary until you’re well on your way to feeling like yourself again

Ready to feel like yourself again?

Let’s work together to get you back!

Feel balanced, renewed, energized, and empowered. Live the life you deserve.