Let’s Get Started

Are you…

  • Bloated or just don’t feel as good in your clothes as you used to?
  • Moody, irritable and feel on edge “for no reason”?
  • Losing it? Losing interest in sex, losing your hair or feel like you’re losing your multi-tasking mind?
  • Having heavier periods, longer periods or starting to miss periods?
  • Feeling like you’re either constantly in PMS or having your period almost the whole month?

Hormones can wreak havoc for women over 40 and you probably have a hormone imbalance that CAN BE FIXED!

You can say “good-bye” to:

  • Mood Swings
  • Sleep Troubles
  • Feeling stressed or irritable
  • Bloating
  • Weight Gain
  • Brain fog…the list goes on…

Hormones in Harmony Jumpstart Program

I’ll take all the frustration out of wondering what’s wrong, teach you how to fix it and make sure your hormones are working with your body and mind, not against them!

This program includes:

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Consultations for 3 months
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle Masterclasses
  • Option for hormone testing

Hormones in Whole Body Harmony VIP Program

Let’s create a plan for you to heal and thrive on all levels – head to toe and soup to nuts!

You’ll get everything that’s included in the Hormone Harmony Jumpstart Program plus we will go beyond hormones with comprehensive lab testing and you’ll get concierge-level constant access to me using direct chat messaging.

This program includes:

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Consultations for 6 months
  • Hormone Testing
  • Gut Health Testing
  • Brain & Mood Health Testing
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Direct Access via Chat Messaging
  • SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle Masterclasses

The women I work with are highly invested in their own health and want a doctor that is equally invested. They are looking for a doctor that takes the time to listen to them AND provides personalized, consistent care that is not only natural and holistic but backed by scientific evidence. I am honored to be able to offer this type of care in my practice.

What these women are saying…

Dr. Tracy provided me with such insight to control and balance what my body was enduring. She helped me get on the right path to feeling better and allowing my body to get back to normal. I appreciate her knowledge and professional expertise.Kristie, age 47

“Even only half way through the program, I’ve been feeling really good. A cloud has been lifted from over my head and mentally I am feeling good, my mind feels sharper. Plus, I got my period right on time this month with almost no PMS- this hasn’t happened to me in years!” Meagan, age 40

Becoming a patient of Dr. Tracy has truly been a life-altering experience.  Prior to meeting her, I spent over two years chronically ill and completely miserable with nothing but wrong answers and unnecessary prescriptions from previous “conventional” physicians.  Dr. Tracy was the first person to sit down, really listen to my issues, then diagnose and treat my real health problems instead of masking my symptoms.  She has made it possible for me to regain the active lifestyle I had lost and missed so much.  My life wouldn’t be the same without her. Lynn, age 42