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Are you looking for a doctor that takes the time to listen and provides personalized, consistent care that is holistic and backed by science?

The women I work with are highly invested in their own health and want a doctor to:

Be equally invested in their health.

See the connections between their symptoms and treat them as a whole person.

Give clear, easy to follow guidance and treatment plans designed for their unique needs.

Be easily accessible for questions and concerns as they come up along the way.

It can be a vast, lonely ocean out there. I will be your North Star to guide you to the energetic, happy, balanced and powerful life you deserve as you captain your ship.

Are you ready to optimize how you look and feel?

Wellness Club Benefits:

As a Wellness Club Member you will always have me in your corner! Gone are the days of feeling like you need to be your own doctor –  wasting hours online researching symptoms, medications and natural remedies and getting lost in the black hole of the internet. I’ll be available to guide you on your wellness journey at every step and will be accessible for your questions and concerns along the way.

If you want to feel supported, respected, well heard, and confident that your treatment plan was designed for exactly what YOU NEED to reach YOUR GOALS – the Wellness Club is for you!

12 Month Membership includes:

One hour consultation every 3 months for 12 months to keep your plan on track.

Concierge-level VIP access to me using  HIPPA-compliant direct chat messaging so you can ask questions and get my support between consultations.

Free Ticket to my monthly Wellness Webinar and access to the webinar recording.

On Demand, Free Access to my 14 Day Cleanse Program.

20% Discount on everything in my online store, Fullscript (vitamins, herbal medicine, protein shakes, skincare, make-up, etc).

My Wellness Club is perfect for you if…

You want a step by step program designed by a specialist naturopathic physician to address your specific symptoms and fit into your lifestyle.

You know you respond best when you have the accountability of working one to one with a specialist Doctor or coach.

You want a Doctor you can trust to clear up the confusion and take away the overwhelm caused by the abundance of health information and mis-information “out there” and to separate the facts from the fads.

Hey! I’m Dr. Amanda Tracy, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, hormone expert, and specialist in women’s health.

I have enjoyed being a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) since 2005. In the first 15 years of practice, I helped build this award-winning wellness center in Massachusetts and in 2021 when I had an opportunity to relocate to Northern California wine country, I transitioned my practice online to serve patients on both coasts. 

I love helping patients with various health challenges however, my passion flourishes working with women who feel their bodies are in chaos because of hormone imbalances, sleep issues, stress or anxiety.

I chose to specialize in Naturopathic Medicine because of my own health journey and because I’ve seen the benefits of a holistic approach to health that treats the whole person rather than focusing on specific problems. You can read more about my health journey here.

Often, by the time they find me, my patients have tried conventional medicine and haven’t got the answers they need. And they’re overwhelmed by all the information available about “alternative” medicine, or integrative health.

They know the answer doesn’t lie in a quick-fix solution. They’re looking for a supportive naturopathic physician they can trust to deliver an evidence-based solution that will serve them for the long-term.

If you’re a woman who is struggling with new symptoms alongside other chronic health conditions, or are focused on preventative health and wellness and looking to improve how you feel on a daily basis and prevent chronic disease, my Wellness Club might be the solution you’re looking for.

I started working with Dr Tracy back in 2017 primarily for stage 4 endometriosis. I have since seen Dr Tracy for anxiety issues, PMS and a holistic (balanced) approach to detoxifying yeast. I was truly lost before meeting Dr Tracy and had spent so much time and energy trying to feel better. One thing I am beyond grateful for was her sensitivity and intuitive sense knowing I had a history of bulimia and other eating disorders. Many practitioners are not in tune with this and can actually cause more damage. Not only does she have a beautiful way of delivering suggestions and an ease about her when explaining a protocol, they actually work. If you’re struggling with an overall chronic condition and don’t know which way to turn, I would highly recommend Dr Tracy’s gracious, knowledgeable way of treating her patients. At this point, I truly consider her my “primary care” doctor.


It is easy to recommend Dr. Tracy because I am always singing her praises! She is as kind and personable as she is knowledgeable. Her understanding of human biology and physiology goes right to the cellular level. I am so impressed with her understanding of the systems of the body and how they work and interact. Dr. Tracy NEVER just throws recommendations of supplements at a problem. Instead, she takes the time to understand and interpret and learn all the necessary information to make an educated determination that is specific to the unique and complicated co-existing conditions of the patient. Her arsenal of go-to recommendations includes a consideration of all possible solutions, from standard supplements to such unusual suggestions as flower essence remedies. Dr. Tracy is always available to answer a question of clarification between appointments. I recommend her enthusiastically.

Nancy, 41 yo 
Nancy, 41 yo

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Tracy. After years of struggling with hormone imbalances and working with various health care providers (multiple doctors including a leading OB GYN, as well as an acupuncturist, osteopath, dietician, another ND…), I moved to MA and am so grateful I found Dr. Tracy. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her integrative approach allowed me to achieve regular periods after suffering from amenorrhea and irregular cycles during my late 20s and 30s. I conceived and had a healthy pregnancy and birth. She is generous with her time, both during and between sessions, and always provides a safe and supportive space to share concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Tracy to anyone wanting a holistic approach to their health concerns or just wanting to live their best life :).

Suzy, age 39 
Suzy, age 39

I found Dr. Tracy after years of trying to find answers with traditional doctors. Every single doctor I met with told me I was “normal” even though I knew there was much more going on below the surface (since I had so many symptoms I had never experienced before). I finally crossed paths with Dr. Tracy and I couldn’t have found a better doctor. She is very knowledgeable, caring, professional, prompt and most importantly gave me confidence that I’ve finally found someone who can help me. She brought me back to my “normal” after diagnosing and working with me to heal my adrenal fatigue, which had been manifesting itself for years. Thank you so much for doing what you do Dr. Tracy, we need many more of you to help us, who are being failed by modern medicine.

Stephanie C., age 38 
Stephanie C., age 38

Let’s create a plan for you to heal and thrive on all levels – head to toe and soup to nuts!