Your Perimenopause Playbook

Balance hormones, reclaim energy, live vibrantly.

Natural Hormone Balance For Peri/Menopause

Perimenopause is confusing. There are over 50 different menopausal symptoms and most women don’t know they are in it until it’s too late!

If you’re not getting the answers you need from your doctor, late night Google searches or your friends, you’re not alone.

Plus, all the “advice” targeted at perimenopausal women in the media lately is overwhelming, isn’t it?

If you’re ready to take action so you can discover exactly what you need to do to feel like yourself again, the Perimenopause Playbook Workshop is exactly what you’re looking for.

Truth is, the game has changed…

As a women over 40, it can be more challenging to stay in great health. And, what may have worked for you in your 20s and 30s may not work for you any longer.

Should you consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy? Should you be taking more Vitamin C? Vitamin D? Vitamin B6?! How can you manage night sweats and sleep problems?

So many questions, it’s no wonder you’re confused!

If you feel like the rules of the game have changed and you don’t know how to play anymore…

You need a new Playbook!

Hi, I’m Dr. Amanda Tracy

After decades of helping with women 1-on-1 in my wellness clinic and telemedicine practice, I realized the best results were from working with women who initially felt their bodies were in chaos because of changes in hormone levels, sleep issues, stress or anxiety – in other words – perimenopause.

I created the Perimenopause Playbook Workshop Live Event a way to make it easier for women to get answers  from a doctor and get the holistic help they need straight away.

Your Perimenopause Playbook will help you:

Enjoy a balanced mood and be able to face the challenges of your hectic days feeling energetic and fulfilled

Get a handle on your hormones and feel great in that little black dress

Discover how to reclaim your mojo so you can give your best to your loved ones and still have extra energy to devote to yourself

Get access to my best kept secrets to treat the hormone imbalances happening in all women over 40

Create your own, personalized, Perimenopause Playbook – a customized evidence-based treatment plan, designed to address your specific symptoms and fit into your lifestyle

Imagine how you will feel when you get the sleep you need, wake up rested and full of energy, and have a great mood – enjoying your family, work and social life.

Imagine how you will feel when you get the sleep you need, wake up rested and full of energy, and have a great mood – enjoying your family, work and social life.

Let’s work together and get you back to feeling balanced, renewed, energized and empowered to live the life you deserve!

The Perimenopause Playbook includes:

Solve Your Perimenopausal Puzzle Live Presentation with Dr. Tracy. Clear away the confusion and conflicting info about hormone health now! I’ll show you how to naturally master your metabolism, sleep deeper, have more energy and always be in a kickass good mood. Finally feel like you are in control of your hormones and not the other way around.

Learn your Hormone Archetype and how it can guide you to address stress management, hot flashes, libido, hair loss and sleep quality during hormone changes in ways that that are most aligned with your specific needs. This will be the foundation of your Playbook.

Receive Your Playbook. After defining your Hormone Archetype, you’ll get an action plan during the workshop that addresses your specific symptoms to help you heal and thrive through perimenopause and menopause. Your action plan will include tailored recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements.

Live Q&A with Dr. Tracy so you can discuss your personal Playbook, streamline your plan and get the answers you need to move forward in a clear direction.


10% OFF all supplements, vitamins, remedies, etc. recommended in your playbook.

A guided meditation designed specifically for dynamic women like you to set your goals and intentions to sail through hormone changes easily.

Resources and recipes to guide you to thrive on all levels, every single day!

Your Investment:

2 hours of your time &


The Perimenopause Playbook is for you if:

You are a woman between the ages 40 and 60

You’re experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance but are otherwise pretty healthy.

You want a step by step plan designed by a naturopathic physician that includes nutrition and lifestyle as well as vitamins, herbal medicine, supplements to address your specific symptoms.

You’re looking for one place to get the all information you need and get your questions answered – with zero overwhelm!

Trust me, I’ve been there

I chose to specialize in Naturopathic Medicine and am passionate about helping women take charge of their hormones because I’ve seen the incredible benefits of holistic medicine in my own health journey.

In my teens and 20s, I suffered with irregular periods and couldn’t find answers in conventional medicine. It was only when I started naturopathic medical school and understood how to use herbs and nutrition to support my hormones, got serious about stress management, and made sleep a priority in my life, that I was able to have regular, monthly periods.

And then again, as I turned 40, I encountered a whole new set of health problems.

You can read more about my health journey here.

Going through these very difficult periods in my life and figuring out how to heal myself through naturopathic medicine ironically led me to create the practice I have today.

Now I am honored to serve my patients and help them to take control of their hormones, sleep better, eat foods they love, regain their energy, and really start to love their lives again.

If you need help balancing your hormones as you go through perimenopause and menopause, you don’t need to do it alone! I’m here for you.


Before I met Dr. Tracy, I was thinking about doing a hysterectomy to completely remove my uterus and ovaries because I couldn’t bear the discomfort that I have been feeling for a long time. Dr. Tracy helped me discover the cause of why I have been feeling low energy, fatigued, irritable and helped get my sleep back. For many months, I have only slept less than 5 hours a night. After she prescribed the proper supplements, diet, exercise and meditation practices, I started feeling myself again. 


A Big Thank You for being part of my healing journey. I do wish that our paths had crossed sooner but I’m glad that we met.

Terrie, age 39 
Terrie, age 39

Words can’t begin to express my deepest gratitude for all she has done for me! She always goes above and beyond for me and I am beyond grateful and would not be where I am now without her care.

Christina, age 43 
Christina, age 43

I’m happy to report that the small dietary changes have served to ease my symptoms already. Adding hemp seeds, maca, and being conscious of evening meal routine seemed to have supported an overall boost in energy and feelings of being normal.

EP, age 46 
EP, age 46

It genuinely feels so awesome to work with a doctor that takes the care and time to explain so many different things to me.

Casey D. 
Casey D.

Need help to figure out how to take charge of your hormones and feel like yourself again?


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