Whole Body Harmony VIP Program

A Naturopathic Approach to Menopause with

Dr. Amanda Tracy, ND

Are you contending with symptoms of hormone imbalance as well as other health problems?

Women over 40 can be facing a health battle on many fronts.

As well as menopausal symptoms caused by changes in hormone levels such as:

mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems, feeling stressed or irritable, bloating, weight gain, problem periods or PMS…

… you may also have other health issues such as:
high cholesterol, hypertension, hypothyroid, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBD.

If you’re trying to cope with hormonal changes as well as other health concerns, it’s not surprising if you feel overwhelmed.

With all the information that’s available online, it’s often difficult to know where to start or figure out what will work for you.

You need a holistic plan that addresses the root causes of your health problems and gets everything working together rather than clashing.

Whole Body Harmony VIP is a holistic 1:1 program created by a licensed Naturopathic Physician designed to address your specific health issues

The Whole Body Harmony VIP Program includes:

…everything that’s included in the Hormone Harmony Jumpstart Program PLUS we go beyond hormones with comprehensive lab testing.

In the Whole Body Harmony VIP Program you also get concierge-level access to me using direct chat messaging.

This means you get:

Monthly 1:1 consultations for 6 months to keep your plan on track.

Comprehensive lab testing including hormone testing, gut health testing, and brain and mood testing.
A customized evidence-based treatment plan designed to address your specific symptoms and fit into your lifestyle.
Concierge-level access to me using direct chat messaging so you can ask questions and get support between consultations.

SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle Masterclasses so you get the information you need – zero overwhelm!

The Whole Body Harmony VIP Program is perfect for you if…

You’re experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance in addition to other health conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBD.

You want a step by step program designed by a specialist naturopathic physician to address your specific symptoms and fit into your lifestyle.

You know you respond best when you have the accountability of working one to one with a specialist Doctor or coach.

The Whole Body Harmony VIP Program is not for you if…

Apart from symptoms of hormone imbalance you are otherwise healthy. In this case, you would be better suited to the Hormones in Harmony Jumpstart Program.


Before I met Dr. Tracy, I was thinking about doing a hysterectomy to completely remove my uterus and ovaries because I couldn’t bear the discomfort that I have been feeling for a long time. Dr. Tracy helped me discover the cause of why I have been feeling low energy, fatigued, irritable and helped get my sleep back. For many months, I have only slept less than 5 hours a night. After she prescribed the proper supplements, diet, exercise and meditation practices, I started feeling myself again. 


I wanted to say that I am going to miss you! Even though I didn’t need to see you often lately I always knew you would be available to answer questions or get me an appointment. If it were not for you identifying adrenal fatigue I would have suffered a lot longer maybe until I collapsed !!

I was so miserable. So I thank you again for your help and kindness and wisdom.

Barbara, 52 yo 
Barbara, 52 yo

Becoming a patient of Dr. Tracy has truly been a life-altering experience. Prior to meeting her, I spent over two years chronically ill and completely miserable with nothing but wrong answers and unnecessary prescriptions from previous “conventional” physicians. Dr. Tracy was the first person to sit down, really listen to my issues, then diagnose and treat my real health problems instead of masking my symptoms. She has made it possible for me to regain the active lifestyle I had lost and missed so much. My life wouldn’t be the same without her.

Lynne, 42 yo 
Lynne, 42 yo

I was just thinking of how lost I would be if I only had conventional doctors to help me. I am feeling really grateful for all your help these past 4 years, and I am so happy for the good health I do have that you helped me to create. Just wanted to share that with you!

Linda, 44 yo 
Linda, 44 yo

I just wanted to thank you for all of the knowledge and alternative treatments you have been able to provide me. I have complete faith in you as a ND and know you always have my best interest in mind- when modern medicine fails me, you never do. I just am so thankful to have found you!

Susan, 54 yo 
Susan, 54 yo

How it works

1. Advanced Lab Testing & Comprehensive Health Analysis

We’ll start with a head-to-toe health analysis and specialized lab testing package so we can find and treat the true causes of your symptoms.

This includes hormone testing, neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and your gut health markers as well as environmental and nutritional influences that might be compromising your health.

All tests can be done at home, so your results are more accurate as they reflect your day-to-day lifestyle and they’re easy and convenient to carry out.

2. Customized Treatment Plan

I’ll work with you to naturally balance your hormones and spend time addressing the root causes of your hormonal issues including nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, sleep, gut health, toxins and stress.

Your customized plan will include suggestions for nutrition and lifestyle as well as vitamins, herbal medicine, supplements and/or hormones (natural / bio-identical) as indicated by your symptoms and lab results.

3. I am here to support you and your success.

Through the private patient portal and chat messaging, you can message me with your questions about the online course, your lab results, current or new symptoms or the treatment plan you are implementing along the way.


1:1 Consults for you to Discover, Heal & Thrive

Consultations are done virtually over HIPPA-compliant Zoom and available to women across the country.


Kick Off Consultation: We’ll take a deep dive into your complete health history, all hormone-related symptoms, and your family’s health history. Getting to know YOU is the key to a successful treatment plan.

Lab Results Review: Once your test results come in, we’ll understand the full, in-depth picture of the true causes of your symptoms and how to fix them.


Monthly Check-ins: Your healing process is unique to you. We’ll focus on resolving underlying causes of your symptoms and support your healing process with the least invasive and safest therapies available. We’ll make adjustments as needed as your body and mind strengthen and make progress towards optimal wellness.


Monthly Check-ins: We’ll go beyond fine-tuning your healing program and design a plan for a healthier future. You’ll have the resilience needed to respond to the stresses of life and still be able to thrive – enjoying family, work, hobbies and an engaging social life.

5. SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle Online Course

SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle is a deep dive into your hormones and what they are doing in perimenopause, menopause and beyond. You’ll learn all about the Stars of the Show and the Supporting Actors in your personal hormonal drama, why they are acting out in such an outrageous manner and, most importantly, what you can do about it.

You’ll understand the connections between all possible causes of your hormonal issues including nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, sleep quality, gut health, toxins and stress. You’ll also learn daily activities and natural remedies to support your own healing process to achieve the life you deserve – energetic, powerful and happy!

Hey! I’m Dr. Amanda Tracy, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, hormone expert, and specialist in women’s health.

I help women who are going through perimenopause and menopause by creating a personalized holistic treatment plan so they can balance their hormones and address the root causes of their health issues.

I chose to specialize in Naturopathic Medicine because of my own health journey and because I’ve seen the benefits of a holistic approach to health that treats the whole person rather than focusing on specific problems. You can read more about my health journey here.

Often, the women in the Hormones in Whole Body Harmony Program, are in early menopause or menopause, dealing with the imbalance caused by decreasing estrogen levels as well as living with other health conditions.

They may, for example, have problems related to heart disease, or gut health. Or they may be experiencing mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.

Often, by the time they find me, my patients have tried conventional medicine and haven’t got the answers they need. And they’re overwhelmed by all the information available about “alternative” medicine, or integrative health.

They know the answer doesn’t lie in a quick-fix solution. They’re looking for a supportive naturopathic physician they can trust to deliver an evidence-based solution that will serve them for the long-term.

If you’re a woman in your 40s or 50s who is struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalance alongside other health conditions, The Whole Body Harmony VIP Program might be the solution you’re looking for.

I started working with Dr Tracy back in 2017 primarily for stage 4 endometriosis. I have since seen Dr Tracy for anxiety issues, PMS and a holistic (balanced) approach to detoxifying yeast. I was truly lost before meeting Dr Tracy and had spent so much time and energy trying to feel better. One thing I am beyond grateful for was her sensitivity and intuitive sense knowing I had a history of bulimia and other eating disorders. Many practitioners are not in tune with this and can actually cause more damage. Not only does she have a beautiful way of delivering suggestions and an ease about her when explaining a protocol, they actually work. If you’re struggling with an overall chronic condition and don’t know which way to turn, I would highly recommend Dr Tracy’s gracious, knowledgeable way of treating her patients. At this point, I truly consider her my “primary care” doctor.


It is easy to recommend Dr. Tracy because I am always singing her praises! She is as kind and personable as she is knowledgeable. Her understanding of human biology and physiology goes right to the cellular level. I am so impressed with her understanding of the systems of the body and how they work and interact. Dr. Tracy NEVER just throws recommendations of supplements at a problem. Instead, she takes the time to understand and interpret and learn all the necessary information to make an educated determination that is specific to the unique and complicated co-existing conditions of the patient. Her arsenal of go-to recommendations includes a consideration of all possible solutions, from standard supplements to such unusual suggestions as flower essence remedies. Dr. Tracy is always available to answer a question of clarification between appointments. I recommend her enthusiastically.

Nancy, 41 yo 
Nancy, 41 yo

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Tracy. After years of struggling with hormone imbalances and working with various health care providers (multiple doctors including a leading OB GYN, as well as an acupuncturist, osteopath, dietician, another ND…), I moved to MA and am so grateful I found Dr. Tracy. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her integrative approach allowed me to achieve regular periods after suffering from amenorrhea and irregular cycles during my late 20s and 30s. I conceived and had a healthy pregnancy and birth. She is generous with her time, both during and between sessions, and always provides a safe and supportive space to share concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Tracy to anyone wanting a holistic approach to their health concerns or just wanting to live their best life :).

Suzy, age 39 
Suzy, age 39

I found Dr. Tracy after years of trying to find answers with traditional doctors. Every single doctor I met with told me I was “normal” even though I knew there was much more going on below the surface (since I had so many symptoms I had never experienced before). I finally crossed paths with Dr. Tracy and I couldn’t have found a better doctor. She is very knowledgeable, caring, professional, prompt and most importantly gave me confidence that I’ve finally found someone who can help me. She brought me back to my “normal” after diagnosing and working with me to heal my adrenal fatigue, which had been manifesting itself for years. Thank you so much for doing what you do Dr. Tracy, we need many more of you to help us, who are being failed by modern medicine.

Stephanie C., age 38 
Stephanie C., age 38

Let’s create a plan for you to heal and thrive on all levels – head to toe and soup to nuts!