Doris, age 42

Before I met Dr. Tracy, I was thinking about doing a hysterectomy to completely remove my uterus and ovaries because I couldn’t bear the discomfort that I have been feeling for a long time. Dr. Tracy helped me discover the cause of why I have been feeling low energy,...


A Big Thank You for being part of my healing journey. I do wish that our paths had crossed sooner but I’m glad that we met.

Christina, age 44

Words can’t begin to express my deepest gratitude for all she has done for me! She always goes above and beyond for me and I am beyond grateful and would not be where I am now without her care.

Evelyn, age 46

I’m happy to report that the small dietary changes have served to ease my symptoms already. Adding hemp seeds, maca, and being conscious of evening meal routine seemed to have supported an overall boost in energy and feelings of being normal.

Casey, age 30

It genuinely feels so awesome to work with a doctor that takes the care and time to explain so many different things to me.