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5 foods to Prevent PMS this month and next

Many women feel like they are on a hormonal roller coaster with mysterious symptoms that can change daily and each month’s cycle feeling different from the next during perimenopause. The symptoms I see commonly in my practice are caused by the two distinct hormone changes that define perimenopause - progesterone level declining and estrogen levels going haywire. Combined, these two hormone shifts lead to heavier periods, less predictable periods, worse PMS symptoms and PMS symptoms that last longer each month. 

Hormones, Nutrition & Recipes

Spring Cleaning for Your Body and Soul: 7 Steps For a Seasonal Detox

Every day your body is exposed to multiple harmful toxins. Many of these toxins aren’t readily apparent: we’re often unknowingly exposed to environmental pollution and toxins in our food and water. Plus, chronic high stress, combined with our modern sedentary lifestyles, further contributes to harmful accumulations in the body.

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Healing Steps Towards a Good Night’s Sleep

We all need a good night of sleep more than ever to effectively cope with the challenges of these often-stressful times. However, research shows that an increasing number of people are experiencing sleep disturbances - as much as 43% of the population say they don’t get enough sleep and between 10-30% of adults struggle with chronic insomnia.